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Well thought out educational policies (both academic and technical), schemes and projects and proper and prompt implementation of them with a missionary zeal decide the growth of the knowledge of a state or nation, development of a country is the function of human knowledge and skills imparted in institutions. The end value of any stream of education is all mind development of human resources which in turn is the development of a nation. Across the world a number of persons connected with education are doing researches on current problems to find out solutions. To widen the dimensions of education multilevel researches with an eye on future prospects and visions is inevitable. So with an idea to discriminate the knowledge acquired by M.Phil (Education) students, these educations are brought out. This edition is mainly a sum total of research works and the findings M.Phil (Education) students. The originality of this edition owes to the originality of the contributed presentations and research papers submitted by the M.Phil (Education) students. As an editor I acknowledged all the contributors.

Dramatisation on Achievement in English Teaching

SKU: 9788183567466
  • S.K. Panneer Selvam
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