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The term distance education is predominantly used in its narrower meaning. It then refers to instruction by the exchange of letters between teacher and student, a process in which the contributions of both are usually based on specially prepared and methodically developed printed course material. This form of distance education is practiced in most of the correspondence schools. The wider meaning of the term is derived from the world ?distance?. It indicates more generally any form of instruction in which it is necessary to bridge a distance between teacher and student, which can be achieved not only with the help of letters and printed course material, but also by other technical media such as telephone, radio, television, audio and video cassettes as well as by newer electronic media.
This series is addressed to administrators, planners and educators working in the field of education and training with a view to stimulating interest and attention in the areas of education and its related fields. It is also addressed to a growing number of teachers and instructors who will be practitioners in education and who will need to be acquainted with the modern aspects of educational practice and development.

Distance Education

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  • Singh & Sudarshan
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