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Challenges ahead Indian Women during their voyage in the 21st Century towards prosperity is the main theme of this edited work to which 34 research papers have been contributed by different scholars and authors of eminence. Sub themes such as - Status of Women, Violence against Women, Development and Empowerment of Women, Entrepreneurship Development among Women have been approached with mixed thoughts and besides the focus on the issues of growth of women in changing scenario, the vital issues relating to the conditions of women in rural areas, appropriate technologies to reduce the drudgery of women, various forms of violence's against women and Beijing Platform for Action, environment protection and the role of women, entrepreneurship promotion among women, malnutrition an it's consequences on mother and child, political participation of women etc. have been elaborately dealt with in this Book.

Development of Women: Issues and Challenges

SKU: 9789350560136
  • G.Sandhya Rani
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