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The Tribals constitute a share of about eight per cent of the country's population and spread over about 1/5 part of the country?s land with more than 500 different tribal groups having special cultural traits and identity. The term development has been used in wider sense, it is a slow process of civilization. The purpose of development is to provide increasing opportunities to all the people for better life. Keeping in view the importance of development of tribals in first chapter I have discussed thoroughly the concept and policy of development including special provisions provided in constitution. In record chapter the role of commissions and committees have been discussed while in the third chapter tribal women and educational programmes have been discussed. In fourth chapter development of tribals in Madhya Pradesh, in fifth chapter Ails of tribal development, in sixth chapter anthropological analysis of development of Indian tribes, in seventh chapter Indian tribes and gender disability, in eighth chapter development of primitive tribe and in ninth chapter development of Naikas have been discussed.

Development of Indian Tribes

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  • P.C. Mehta
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