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Environmental science research and industry in developing rapidly all over the world. Environmental science is increasingly being regarded as a core subject in most university, engineering branches and polytechnic biological sciences. There are rapidly a number of excellent general textbooks on microbiology, biotechnology, environmental microbiology and environmental biotechnology in the market that deal with the basic principles of the field. In order to complement this, this book aims to focus on the various applications of microbial potential for bioremediation of different sites polluted with heterogeneous pollutants like synthetic textile dyes and poly aromatic hydrocarbons by some bacteria and fungi. A ?field applicable research based? is adopted whereby keeping in mind a case study. This book also includes information about the capability of microorganisms to cure nature itself, which can be exploit to clean up the contaminated sites consisting thousand types of biodegradable and recalcitrant organo pollutants. This book will be useful particularly for the post graduate students for reference who are interested to work in the field of environmental science. It may also serve as resource book for industries that release and treat solid as well as liquid wastes.

Degradation Biotechnology

SKU: 9788171419869
  • R.K. Kothari
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