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Curriculum development and management is the most significant and essential process in the growth and promotion of education. Although, it's a component of teaching, yet. it is a separate exercise, most valuable in its own right.
In fact, Curriculum is the basis of any discipline or course in the educational system. In India, various approaches are taken and different methods are applied in developing, shaping and managing the Curriculum. Management of teaching-learning approach is in vogue now. This approach has introduced new concepts and ideas in preparation of curriculum. The development of curriculum involves several stages, which are to be studied in depth.
The author has dealt with different approaches, methods and models, which play vjtal roles in shaping and finalising a new curriculum for any subject. Hopefully, this modest effort would be recognised as a beneficial one for teachers, students and student-teachers alike.

Curriculum Development and Management

SKU: 9788171418138
  • P.V.V.S. Narayana
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