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Educational status in India is constantly changing as per the changing needs and capabilities of the nation. India has joined the movement of Education For All and is doing the best to make the people acquire 3 Rs. Many new schemes are underway to reach the 100% literacy rate by the year 2000 and to realise the goals of Education For All. India strongly believes in education for all and all for education.
How the educational process in India is marching ahead in different fields employing the services of different agencies is explained to make the readers aware of the development of education in India.
The projects that have been initiated to make education for all and to encourage, all for education are also discussed. All these projects are intended to lead the nation's populations towards literacy by the next century as dreamed by our national leaders and planners.
The full texts of the World Declaration on Education For All, The Delhi Declaration and the Frameworks for Action have also been given to make the educationists participate in the long march of education.

Current Trends in Indian Education

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  • D.B. Rao
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