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Agriculture practises in India and overseas, the relevance of farm, various techniques of harvesting agriculture crops, consequences of air pollutants on agriculture crops, and economic efficiency of agricultural waste residues were all covered in the current book ?Current Trends in Agriculture?. The many sections include the state of agriculture and the role of agriculture in the nation?s progress, both directly and indirectly. Furthermore, the book?s contents will demonstrate the path of new researchers in the fields of agriculture science, environmental science, forestry, and horticulture studies, as well as research data. Researchers, scientists, academics, agriculturists, health scientists, and non-profit organisations will benefit from this book, which will serve as a starting point for research in the fields of agriculture, environment, horticulture, and associated disciplines.

Current Trends in Agriculture

SKU: 9789388854825
  • Avnish Chauhan
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