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Teacher occupies a vital position in educational system in whose hands lies the task of shaping the students. To be effective, the teacher should be creative and democratic.
The creative teacher in an accepting, tolerant and humanist and will allow the students to develop to their maximum. Such a teacher respects the originality of children by giving them credit for initiated learning and thinking and by allowing to learn through creative problem solving activities.
Achievement motivation plays a significant role in the total shaping of personalities which in turn shape the economic and social destiny of a given society.
It could be observed that high creative teacher with high value orientation, personality adjustment and achievement motivation will help in overcoming the value crises in the present education system and help the students in proper personality adjustment and to have concern for excellence.
Teacher-trainees will be teachers of the future generation. Very few studies have been carried out on teacher-trainees relating to creativity, values, personality adjustment and achievement motivation. The findings of the studies made are mostly inconclusive. This prompted the author to undertake the research study and write this book.

Creativity of B.Ed. Teacher Trainees

SKU: 9788171418275
  • Noor Asma
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