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Creative thinking is one of the key sources for the development of human civilization. Almost all activities of mankind are one way or the other concerned to creative thinking and out of that creative thinking only the mankind is surviving with all convenience and comfort to the core. Creative thinking is a unique psychic wonder, which is altering the history of man time and again through reshaping man?s imaginary world with all newness.
Creative thinking can be developed through strategies like encouragement, developing basics skills, encouraging to take risks, self management, self competition, discovery, exploration, performance, knowledge, motivation, confidence, mastery, etc., which can be taken care of at home and in an educational institution.
The present study is intended to find out the level of creative thinking of secondary school students.  The secondary school students are holding a high level of creative thinking.  The gender of the student, the locality of the school, the management of the school and the medium of instruction did show influence on the level of creative thinking of secondary school students. The boys, urban students, private school students and English medium school students are holding higher level of creative thinking that their counter parts, though all of them hold a high level of creative thinking.  The secondary school students should enhance their creative thinking capacity through useful strategies and practices.
The study would be of great use to the administrators, teachers and parents in supporting the creative thinking capacities of students, the blossoming bud of the growing society.

Creative Thinking of School Students

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  • S.S. Prasad
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