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Contents: Efficient Market Hypothesis and the Securities Market in India in the Post-Reform Era, Depository Services in India, Managing Exchange Risks?An Indian Perspective, Buyback of Shares by Companies in India, Human Resource Accounting, Tax on Distributed Profits (TDP)?Some Implications, Rationalisation of Income Tax Law?Some Reflections, Corporate Leverage in India?A Changing Scenario, Towards Better Measure of Working Capital Performance in the Liberalised Era, Multinationals Finance?Some Issues, Forfaiting?Stutter Before the Run, Industrial Finance by State Financial Corporations?An Analytical Study of APSFC, Financing of Business in North-Eastern Region?A Study of Assam Financial Corporation, New NBFC Policy?An Evaluation, NBFCs?The Tragedy of Economic History of Modern India, Corporate Ethics?A Dilemma Between Economic and Social Performance, Corporate Ethics?Some Influencing Factors, Corporate Governance in India?Retrospect and Prospects.

Contemporary Issues in Business Finance

SKU: 9788171415618
  • Omprakash Kajipet
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