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The fast-changing information system and high-tech technological products have effected the business activities of India considerably. The telecommunication services in India have witnessed a phenomenal change in the recent past. The mobile phone service sector of the country has increased substantially. Taking the huge consumer demand into consideration, many big players such as Reliance, Hutch, Airtel, B.S.N.L, and others have vied with each other in launching their products in the market. The consumer behaviour in mobile service market is analysed and presented in this book.
The analysis part of this study is classified into five. The first part discusses the mobile phone subscribers and service providers in India. The second, third and fourth parts give an analysis of the profile of the mobile users and their preference on mobile hand set, user?s preference on mobile phone service providers and its correlates and service quality of mobile phone service providers: user?s perspective respectively.
We have discussed profile, problems, attitude, association between the profile and attitude of consumers and their suggestions for the improvement of the mobile services. We have also analysed the data with statistical tools such as t-test, one-way analysis of variance, factor analysis, multiple regression analysis and discriminant analysis (two-groups). The book will be very much helpful to the research scholars for carrying out research work in different service industries and in various financial institutions. In short the book will be an ideal guide to the researchers.

Consumer Behaviour on Mobile Service

SKU: 9788183565783
  • M.E. Gnanadhas
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