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The task of teaching students computer programming differs markedly from that of teaching them to address effectively the human, social, occupational and civic problems created by microelectronic technologies. These latter problems lie outside the rational world of computer programming and in the emotion-laden contexts of political organisations, work settings, family milieus, and other locales.
This series is addressed to administrators, planners and educators working in the field of education and training with a view to stimulating interest and attention in the areas of education and its related fields. It is also addressed to a growing number of teachers and instructors who will be practitioners in education and who will need to be acquainted with the modern aspects of educational practice and development. Many ideas, generalisations and discussions presented in this series should also prove useful to employing organisations committed to provide training facilities within their establishments?leading to effective mutual participation by institutions and organisations.

Computer Education

SKU: 9788171413560
  • Singh & Sudarshan
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