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This fascinating title Computer and Languages has been carefully compiled and edited to meet the long felt needs of increasingly large number of those who have to deal with the different aspects of computers and languages in Colleges. Universities and research institutes. It provides a balanced and integrated treatment of the entire field of computer. The title is intelligible to the educator layman but it deals with some complex ideas. It is an adequate text for all requirements in this area for most university students. Special efforts have been made to explain ideas in non-mathematical terms. The primary aim throughout has been clarity, simplicity and the high standard. It will definitely prove to be a boon to teachers and research workers in the field of computer. It has been the constant endeavour of the author to furnish maximum substance, keeping in view the limitations of size of the volume. Efforts have been made to condense the matter as far as practiceable. The book features both a text and a laboratory guide. It is hoped that this book will not only meet the requirement of undergraduate students but will also be useful as a guideline to the teachers in their teaching.

Computer and Languages

SKU: 9788183560412
  • P. Yadav
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