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Contents: COBAS: Cost Benefit Analysis of Anaerobic Digester Systems, Water Quality Modelling: Approaches to Water Pollution Forecasting and Management, Modelling of Buckingham Canal Water Quality, Modelling and Simulation of Heavy Gas Dispersion on the Basis of Modification in Plume Path Theory, Case Study: Modelling and Simulation of ?Heavy? Gases Released by Petrochemical Industries, HAZDIG: A new Software Package for Assessing Accidental Release and Dispersion Characteristics, Attenuation of Gaseous Pollutants by Greenbelts, TORAP?A New Tool for Conducting Rapid Risk Assessment in Petroleum Refineries and Petrochemical Industries, Case Study: Application of a New Computer Automated Tool?TORAP in Conducting Risk Assessment of a Petrochemical Industry, Models for Domino Effect Analysis in Chemical Process Industries, Studies on the Probabilities are Likely Impacts of Chains of Accident (Domino Effect) in a Fertilizer Industry.

Computer Aided Environmental Management

SKU: 9788171415625
  • S.A. Abbasi
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