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Organic chemistry is often considered a challenging subject to learn, it provides valuable insights into the intricate world of chemical reactions and organic molecule structures. By understanding organic chemistry, we gain a deeper understanding of life and how chemical processes shape our world. This knowledge opens doors to solving medical and environmental issues, as well as driving technological advancements. The impact of organic chemistry is not limited to academia and research. Its practical applications extend to various industries, ranging from pharmaceuticals to materials science, and from agriculture to consumer goods. Scientists and researchers dedicatedly explore the realm of organic chemistry, aiming to expand our knowledge and apply it to improve the quality of life for individuals and society as a whole.The book “Comprehensive Organic Chemistry” serves as a valuable tool for both academic and industrial scientists. It synthesizes current literature and provide practical protocols that scientists can readily apply in their daily work. This reference help bridge the gap between research and application, facilitating advancements in various fields that rely on organic chemistry. 

Comprehensive Organic Chemistry

SKU: 9788119365692
  • Author: Dennis Almeida

    ISBN: 9788119365692

    Subject: CHEMISTRY

    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2024

    Pages: 222

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