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The movement of modern education in India is almost two century old. It has come of age now. Over the decades, great educationists have contributed towards the development and evolution of education, as a discipline. Thus, education in India has been enriches a lot. As a result, the Indian education system can be placed at par with any advanced education system in the modem world. In fact, education is a vast sea and Teachers? Training is a stream in it. So, it makes it essential that the responsibilities of the faculty members are focused on the task of providing better training to the future teachers, for their better learning and proper development. And this responsible exercise can only be undertaken, if the trainers are equipped with all the needed skill and knowledge of the subject, they are supposed to teach. Hence it becomes essential for making adequate provisions, for each course to the teacher-trainees. Methods of Teaching are very important for the successful training of teachers and for their career in future.
In order to provide all related material in one cover, here is this book, on this important subject in the market, but, every book has its own style and way of presentation. Similarly, the present one, too has its own merits and advantages.
During the course of the preparation of this book, the author has done his best for the accomplishment of the job. He would be pleased and feel contented, if this book is acknowledge, as a textbook and a reference tool for the teachers and students, alike.

Comparative Education

SKU: 9788171419128
  • B.S.V. Dutt
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