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This book looks at the Public Health Policy of Government of India since its independence with a specific focus on the communication strategies used to implement the policies. The formulation of Public Health policies in our country has been a result of recommendations of the reports submitted by different committees from time to time.
It is important and necessary to study the gaps between our policy and implementation processes, specifically with regards to the application of communication strategies in the field of Reproductive Health. This not only helps in addressing the problems of voiceless women from the remote parts of our country belonging to the most vulnerable sections of the society but also helps in reaching out to the policy makers resulting in efficiency of implementation through these inputs.
Developing countries like India need information bases created through independent, objective research as an input for effective policy making and for implementation of programs to improve the Reproductive Health of its population.

Communication Strategies in Reproductive Health

SKU: 9788183563796
  • Benazir Patil
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