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Throughout the world, children with special needs are regarded as someone to be cherished, a precious human being, who must be nurtured. A child?s development is worthy of careful attention and scientific study.
India has also witnessed changes in the field of special education in the past few decades. Views on the developmental needs of disabled children are distinctly different from the popular views of childhood development in the past few centuries. The concept of charity has been replaced by opportunities.
Equalisation of educational opportunities for the disabled has been given in our National Policy 1986. Passing and enactment of ?The Persons with Disabilities [Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights, and Full Participation] Act, 1995? desires appropriate Government and local authorities to take certain steps for the prevention of occurrence of disabilities.
It all shows that persons with disabilities have all the rights of services rather than been passive recipients all these attempts leads them to drive in a direction to make them as normal and leads a life as normal as possible.
In the path of these development there are certain hindrances which directly affects the learning and thinking of these children. This book is expected to adequately meet the basis objectives of proving a clear account of the experiences gained in this long period which included information regarding conceptual clarity of visual impairment. Various develop mental characteristics of visually impaired children, possibly effecting factors on development.
A detailed account of the studies done in this field has also been mentioned. Research design, Sample. Description of Tools, Results and Discussion provides and understanding of the work.
The ascent of this work is the implication part which provide comprehensive strategies for the parents, teachers and the curriculum planner to take care of the developmental needs of visually impaired children in order to foster the Cognitive Development among these children.
This book will be useful for the students in the development of education in Universities, Colleges, District Institutes of Education, Training Institute and National Institute of Special Education.
This work contains valuable information for the students, teachers, parents of disabled children, professionals of special education and the scholars working in this field.

Cognitive Development in Blind Children

SKU: 9788171417346
  • Sara Begum
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