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Language is an important developmental ability which facilitates communication both at home and at school. It is also the foundation of many of a child?s learning experiences in school. A certain level of language is often a pre-requisite both for success in particular curriculum areas and for the ability to conceptualise generally. Language developing is thus a major concern for those who work with primary school children and it has come to be regarded as one of the main objectives within the school curriculum.Teaching of a language in the form of the subject will be a very essential part of the education system. Provision for the study of the language has been made mandatory and compulsory right from inception from the Primary school to the University level in almost all kinds of educational systems. A teacher should be endowed with certain professional competencies for performing the task that is assigned to him successfully. He should have a consummate knowledge regarding the curriculum that is specified for teaching. Once the teacher achieves mastery over the subject that he is supposed to teach, he/she automatically develops enough confidence to deal with any problem that he encounters in the classroom. Good teaching provides a way of national development. A good teacher inculcates good character among the students and at the same time he helps the students to acquire a pleasant personality and it is going to help for the progress of the nation in the long run. This can be achieved only if a teacher has in him some necessary competencies and characters to deal with the students who are facing learning problems.

Children with Language Learning Difficulties: Competencies of Teachers

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  • R. Jayabharathi Reddy
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