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An important feature of this comprehensive volume is that it is based on the empirical context to explore the existing child rearing practices in Sugali tribals.
Contents included : General information, Marriage and family and child rearing practices like religious ceremonies performed on children, feeding practices, health and hygienic practices, disciplinary measures and parental educational aspirations for their children.
Child rearing practices are considered as a product of ideas, beliefs and attitudes prevalent in a community on how to bring up children. The purpose of child rearing are two fold : (1) to help the child to achieve a personal state of well-being and (2) to help the child to become a productive well socialized member of the society.
The book contains some of the clearest thought provoking factual discussions on child rearing practices in Sugali tribals. The author has very analytically presented various aspects of child rearing practices in a simple, lucid and intelligible manner.
The book is expected to usher in re-thinking regarding the planning and programmes meant for the development of the Sugali tribal children.
The book will be of immense interest to Home Scientists, psychologists, Educationists, Planners, Teachers, Public Health personnel and Social Scientists. And this volume will cherish a wide range of scholars and students of Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Home Science, Social Work, Education etc.

Child Rearing Practices in Tribals

SKU: 9788171413881
  • A. Kusuma
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