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Human asset is the biggest and important asset of a Nation. Child is the future citizen of the country. He is innocent and dependent. Proper care should be taken for the physical and mental development of a child to establish as a good citizen. But in India more than 40 per cent of children are due to some reasons or other forced to work in different hazardous sectors, to meet their needs as per the desire of the employers. At time, due to work in hazardous field, their health are detorating and causes premature death. Unless proper steps have to be taken from Govt. and from different NGO's and public as a whole, to change their socio-economic scenario, this fire fighting problem can not be solved on the years to come.
This book is of immense help to planners, research scholars, government, Non-Government organisations and others who are thinking about economic development of the country.

Child Labour in Hazardous Sectors

SKU: 9788171416462
  • R.N. Misra
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