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Contents: Stop Child Labour, Child Labour in Weaving Industry, Child Labour: Targeting the Intolerable, Children?s Health and the Environment, Helping Your Child Learn, For a Broader Approach to Education, Population Growth and Education, Will Education go to Market, Private Education, Corporate Ambitions in Education, Promotion of Higher Education in Research, Wanted: An New Deal for the Universities, Wiring up the Ivory Towers, Shaking the Ivory Towers, Shaking the Ivory Tower, Solving the Unemployment Problem by Looking Beyond the Job, Population Growth and Jobs, Beyond Economics, Violence in School: A World Wide Affair, Rural Poverty in India, Employment and Poverty Alleviation, Women and Poverty, Towards a New Policy on Poverty Reduction, Technological Entrepreneurship: The New Force for Economic Growth, Population Growth and Income, What was Wrong with Structural Adjustment, Can Economic Growth Reduce Poverty? New Findings on Inequality, Economic Growth and Poverty, Democracy and Poverty: Are they Interlinked?, Unemployment in the Poor and Rich Worlds, Corruption: Where to Draw the Line?, Social Summit, Trade and Labour Standards: Using the Wrong Instruments for the Right Cause, Employment and Promoting Ecology.

Child Labour and Education

SKU: 9788183560641
  • M.L. Narasaiah
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