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We feel pleasure in recording our opinion about the book entitled ?Chemical Toxicity and Health Hazard?.
Teaching chemistry at the introductory level as well as in graduate and post-graduate level is becoming more interesting, complex and challenging, because of the fast research and academic advancements.
In the last couple of decades say there were only eight to ten branches of chemistry which have moved to about fifty independent sub disciplines.
Therefore, it is the need of hour to explore the current updates on all new offshoots of the subject. Our atmosphere weather ariel , aquatic or edaphic is getting toxic and polluted with an alarming speed. Not only human beings but animals and plants are also getting severely affected by pollutants out of which 90% are chemicals like toxic gases viz; sulphur dioxide, nitric oxide, hydrocyanic acid, nitrogen peroxide, carbon mono oxide, carbon dioxide, hydrochloric acid gas, chlorine , ozone, carbon particles and pollen grains etc. while water and soil are also becoming toxic by metals like mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead etc. including burnt oils and pesticides etc.
Floating a book on ?Chemical Toxicity and Health Hazard? is justified for this cause.
The book is very informative, and written in simple language, easy to understand for students, teachers and budding scientists.

Chemical Toxicity and Health Hazards

SKU: 9789350567555
  • Ishaq Zafare
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