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The financial services have developed and diversified manifold during the past few years and seen mushroom growth during the late eighties. These services have now achieved a high degree of specialisation to cater to the need of corporate sector and consumer. The financial service industry has witnessed a major transformation in recent year following the liberalisation in recent year following the liberalisation of the economy by several developing economies. Under the new dispensation, financial services companies offering a wide range of integrated services, enjoy ample scope of expansion of business not only in volume but also in spread.
Despite the myriad restriction on their growth, financial services companies are providing to be the current range of activities in the corporate sector and this is bound to shake up the sedate of world financial sector as never before the boom in financial services companies is not doubt a welcome development. But at the same time there require special skill to run finance services efficiently. In this book, efforts have been made to analysed the working of important financial services e.g. Commercial Paper. Mutual Fund Factoring, Forfeiting. Venture Capital etc. and Suggested measures to tackle challenges put forwarded by liberalisation of economy.

Changing Profile of Financial Services

SKU: 9788171413980
  • B.L. Mathur
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