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The present title Cell Physiology has been written for undergraduate and postgraduate students of all Indian universities. It is a text on structural and functional unit of the organism that has been thoroughly checked and ornamented with easy and clear illustrations. Special emphasis has been concentrated on the fundamentals of the subject. All related students will find this well established text eminently suitable for introductory courses. Professional cell biologists, researchers, and students may find it useful for updating, and reference purposes. One of our major concerns of this title is to provide students with a basic understanding of what a cell is and why the cell is the fundamental unit of life. Our approach throughout has been to focus on the major question involved and the experimental approaches utilized in addressing these questions. Each important point is illustrated with an example to help clarify the idea; the numerous line drawings have all been chosen or created to help convey particular points. The result is a text that is easy to read, without resorting to verbal gimmicks or talking down to readers.

Cell Physiology

SKU: 9788183565608
  • M. Prakash
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