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This book aims to address these issues by reviewing relevant literature and equipping instructors of business calculus with effective teaching pedagogy. The objective is to empower instructors to improve their students' performance in the classroom. The book covers a diverse range of topics that highlight the broader applications of calculus beyond traditional academic contexts. It includes discussions on various subjects such as time-dependent graphs, their definitions, applications, and algorithms. It also explores the utilization of spherical fuzzy graphs for decision-making purposes. Additionally, the book explores into stochastic Ito-calculus and numerical approximations for asset price forecasting in the Nigerian stock market. The application of fractional calculus in the oil industry, cloud manufacturing service composition and formal verification based on extended process calculus, and research on manufacturing equipment operation state evaluation technology using fractional calculus are also covered. The book further investigates topics like differentiation strategy and its impact on the sustainability of accounting earnings in biotech firms, interval-valued approaches to business process simulation using genetic algorithms and the BPMN, and the relationship between differentiation strategy, business performance, and intellectual capital, with evidence from small and medium enterprises in Indonesia. Other subjects explored include analytical contributions to cubic functional integral equations, differentiation strategy and export performance in emerging countries with a focus on the mediating effects of positional advantage among Mozambican firms, optimization models for inventory management with a limited number of stock items, and the optimization of inventory holding costs based on price, weight, and volume of items.

Calculus for Business

SKU: 9788119523283
  • Author: Gregor Groner

    ISBN: 9788119523283



    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2024

    Pages: 252

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