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The Present title Biotechnology of Defence is an inexpensive and readable book offering a great introduction to this incredibly useful biotechniques and provides a glimpse of the astonishing diversity of application of biotechnology. All the chapters are exciting. This text is extremely successful in conveying both the theoretical and the applied aspects of biotechnology. It is hoped that it will be valuable to both the neotype and the experienced scientists.
Efforts have also been made to keep the experimental bias throughout the text. Wherever necessary historical developments have been reconstructed to put the subject in proper orientation.
I believe that the book will be a good companion to the undergraduate, students of Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biophysics, Pharmacy, Environmental Sciences, Medical Ssciences and allied fields.

Biotechnology of Defence

SKU: 9789350565674
  • C.D.Swarna Latha
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