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In the current book - Biodiversity, Environment and Ecosystem Services, the topics of status and species diversity of avian fauna, insect pests management and control, invasive alien species, forest ecosystem services in Himalayan region, sustainability in ecosystem services with special reference to economic valuation and global payment programmes, relationship of ecosystem services with community managed forests, ecotourism and insect conservation in protected landscape, undiscovered wild edible plants, flower visiting insects of a medicinal plant, eco toxicity of common organic solvents, status of species richness and diversity of moths, etc. have been covered in detail. The preservation of biodiversity is essential to protecting the environment of the Earth and ensuring the continuation of life there. The abundance of biodiversity supports the natural system in a number of different ways. However, a significant amount of the Earth?s biodiversity is under threat as a result of human consumption and other activities that damage or even destroy ecosystems. The book goes into great detail to explain the fascinating facts about biodiversity and various ecosystem services. Researchers, scientists, academics, and non-profit organisations (NGO) will find the book beneficial. The writers want to express their gratitude to all of the readers as well as to all the authors who submitted their worthwhile chapters.

Biodiversity Environment and Ecosystem Services

SKU: 9788195916931
  • Manoj Kumar Arya
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