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Contents: Assessment of Forest Fire in India; Sustainable Tourism Enterprises for Livelihood and Conservation; Traditional Knowledge of Ethnic Tribes in Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary; Ethno-botany of the Irula Tribes of Anaikatty Hills, Western Ghats, Southern India; A Note on Ecotourism in Livelihood and Conservation; Assessment and Monitoring of Wetland Dynamics in Andhra Pradesh Using Remote Sensing and GIS; Socio-economic Assessment and Livelihood of the Inhabitant Living in and Around the Chilika Lagoon; Ecobiological Study of Anegundi in Lakkvalli Range Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary; Molecular Determinants of Antibiotic Resistance in Vibrio; Concept, Importance and Status of Organic Farming; Toxic Effects of Distillery Effluent on Reproductive Ability of Laboratory Mice; Effect of Synthetic Pyrethroid on Morphology of Drosophila melanogaster; Structure and Species Composition of Red Sanders Bearing Forest, Tirumala Hills

Biodiversity and Sustainable Livelihood

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  • L.R. Patro
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