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Contents: Irrigation Management: Facing the Challenge, Strategies for Improved Water Management, Big-Dam Construction is on the Rise, A Breakthrough in the Evolution of Large Dams? End of Controversy on Large Dams? Water Facts and Findings on Large Dams?, Water Facts and Findings on Large Dams, Population Growth and Cropland, Population Growth and Grain Production, Developing Countries and the WTO Agricultural Negotiations, Food for the Billions, Food First, Biodiversity, Ecosystems, Our Unknown Protectors, Employment and Promoting Ecology, Saving the Planet, Living with Diversity, An Agenda for Change, Forests, Climate Change and Human Health, Economics and Sustainable Development, Population Growth and Climate Change, Sustainable Cities, Heating up Environmental Education and Communication, Urbanisation and the Environment, Fresh Water and the Environment, Forests, Energy and Sustainability, The Environment, The Economy and Public Health, Watershed Development Programme, Population Growth and Natural Recreation Areas, The Dynamics of Rural Poverty in India, The Indian Economy and the Cattle Wealth, Safety First, Genetic Diversity and Food Security, Global Warming, Can Genetically Modified Organisms Feed the World, Energy.

Biodiversity and Irrigation

SKU: 9788171419258
  • M.L. Narasaiah
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