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Natural products including any material obtained from living organisms i.e. plants, microbes and animals have been essential to the growth of the organic sciences. For commercial reasons, the term ?natural product? has been expanded to include cosmetics, dietary supplements, additives and food meals made from natural sources without the addition of artificial substances but can be processed chemically to obtain the final bioproducts.Plants are considered as rich source of ingredients of health and other importance which can be used in drug development and synthesis. Besides that these plants play a critical role in the development of human cultures around the whole world. Moreover, some plants consider as important source of nutrition and as a result of that these plants recommended for their therapeutic values. Therefore, they have a promising future because there are about half million plants around the world, and most of them their medical activities have not investigate yet, and their medical activities could be decisive in the treatment of present or future studies.Biocolorants or Natural pigments are the other products obtained naturally from plants, animals and microbes, characterized as Plants pigments, Animals pigments and Microbial pigments, respectively, are the current interest of the market. They are made naturally from renewable resources, are quickly biodegradable and do not produce any refractory intermediates when they are released into the environment. They are used widely, mostly in the food, dairy, printing, textile, and pharmaceutical sectors. They are an alternative to artificial colors that may be added to any food product. Due to their therapeutic qualities as well as their usage in dyeing, natural dyes and colors are becoming more and more important. The present book entails a comprehensive and a thorough review of the economically significant natural products either plant based or any other natural source based products and their bioactive constituents that can be used for various purposes commercially.

Bioactive Constituents Usage in Cosmetics and Vitality

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  • Bina Rani
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