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Behavioural problems are quite common among school children and these problems need to be identified and solved. This is such a study meant to identify the behavioural problems of school children and to suggest remedial measures to those problems.
The school children have behavioural problems such as late coming, truancy, lying, complaining on co-students, talking during instruction, exhibition of over obedience, pinching, beating, fighting, quarreling for a seat, shyness and fear and anxiety towards examinations.
The influencing factors for these behavioural problems are socio-economic background, television, cinema and defective child rearing practices.
The teachers feel that these behavioural problems can be solved through reporting about these problems to the parents and heads of the institutions and by scolding the misbehaving children.
The parents, the teachers, the heads and the society should work cooperatively to develop a desirable behaviour in children so that these children give their best to the society.

Behavioural Problems of School Children

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  • B.P. Babu
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