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Behaviour of Fishes has been designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students of all Indian Universities. The text of the present title is organized on some major areas like fishing techniques, fish behaviour, and fish physiology, fisheries of important Indian forms. Fishes inhabit every kind of aquatic environment, and their wide distribution resulted in many different designs for their special mode of life. The present title, with a skilful mix of breadth combined with detail, reviews what is known about fishes. Biological inter-relationship are fully discussed, and fishes with features of special interest are highlighted, whether they are economically significant or not. The present text brings together many scattered observations as well as the results of recent investigations. It is hoped that the general biologist, the zoologist and the Icthyologist will find wealth of exciting information in it.

Behaviour of Fishes

SKU: 9788183563901
  • A.K. Shukla
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