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Education is a huge structure and Basic Education is its foundation. As per logic and scientific attitude, Basic Education is the basis of the system of education. Unfortunately, in our country, Basic Education is treated as the poorest member of the family. The primary teachers are least paid and are treated in the worst manner. But, in fact, Basic Education is the first ladder, which is most important in its own right. So, our planners and policy makers should lay all stress on Basic Education. The thrust of Education System should be on the first stage alone.
Basic Education has its peculiar problems and a particular attitude is demanded for dealing with them. And for that, are required exclusive books on the subject for making educationists and teachers aware of the real issues and all the related aspects. This work is meant for filling this vacuum only.
The authors feels pride in accomplishing a challenging task, which in turn should benefit students and as well as teachers, engaged in various schools.

Basic Education

SKU: 9788171418817
  • D.V. Lakshmi
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