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Contents:? Venue Capital: Recent Trends in the Liberalization Context, Role of Financial Institutions and Developmental Organizations in Promoting Rural Non-farm Small Enterprises, Challenges for Indian Banking Industry, HRD Practices in Banking Sector: An Analysis, The Balance Sheet of Liberalization: A Study of the Banking Sector, The Menance of Non-performing Assets: Challenges and Remedial Measures, Credit Disbursement by Commercial Banks After Second Generation Reforms, Financial Sector Reforms and Their Impact on Banks, Voluntary Retirement Scheme: Impact on Banking Sector, Emerging Challenges of Electronic Banking, Information Technology in Banks, Relationship Between Stock Prices and Exchange Rates, Corporate Governance: An Overview, Corporate Frauds: A Model for Good Governance, Development of Technical Entrepreneurship, Perspectives of Entrepreneurship Development Role of STEPs, and Innovation and Business Incubators, Management of Human Resource, Human Resource Managers? Challenges, Managing Talent: A Market Driven Approach, Hallmarks of High Performing Organizations, India Shining with Human Strategic Strength, Human Resource Management with Specific Case Studies in India, Human Resource Management: Challenges in the New Millennium, Traditional Professional Communities: Their Reorientation, Human Resource Development As Strategic Strength, HRD As A Strategic Power, Developing Human Resource As A Strategic Strength, Transcultural Human Values, Rationalisation: A Competitive Advantage.

Banking Sector and Human Resources (Changing Scenario)

SKU: 9788183560481
  • T. Sreenivas
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