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The examination system which is measuring the progress of children in terms of marks and ranks is hampering the physical and cognitive development of the student community because it is putting the students under immense pressure and anxiety. The sole aim of the teaching-learning process has culminated in securing maximum possible marks and ranks. Evaluation has ended up as a big annual event in the form of examinations which is proving to be detrimental to the attitudes, interests and competences of the student community.CCE or Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation is a process of evaluating the child?s development in all the school-related activities. This proposal was directed under the Right to Education Act in 2009 by the Central Board of Secondary Education of India and the state governments in India.Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation is a school-based analysis procedure that is distinguished by the fact that the evaluation takes place throughout the instructional process. Multiple techniques of evaluation need to be implemented to assess the progress of the students which includes quizzes, assignments, oral tests, peer evaluation, etc. Continuous and comprehensive assessment which is a crucial part of this evaluation structure helps to assess the progress of the students. Using CCE, teachers can diagnose learners? deficiencies using a variety of assessment activities. After completing the assessment activities, learners are given valuable feedback. The teacher guides and supports them to identify the problems. The Book provides teachers to identify student?s learning difficulties on a regular basis with various assessment activities that allow them to diagnose students? defects. This Book helps teachers to systematize their strategies for effective teaching. Continual evaluation allows the teacher to detect weaknesses and identify certain students? learning styles. This Book is beneficial for Teachers, Planners and administrators etc

Awareness, Attitude & Competencies of Teachers

SKU: 9788196120405
  • Manam Sreenivasulu
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