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This book covers various aspects of the discipline, specifically focusing on the study of trees and urban forests. This book encompasses technical, research, and scientific information, providing readers with a wealth of knowledge. One important area explored is the introduction and long-term effects of invasive woody plants on urban forests. Understanding the impact of these invasive species is crucial for effective management and preservation of urban green spaces.The book also covers the role of arborists and urban foresters in supporting urban wildlife and ensuring habitat sustainability. Through an urban ecology-focused survey, readers gain insights into the efforts made by these professionals to create a harmonious environment for both flora and fauna in urban settings. This knowledge is particularly valuable as it sheds light on the importance of maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem health within cities. By integrating trees and green spaces into urban planning, cities can enhance their resilience and adaptability. Moreover, the book addresses the sustainability of trees planted along roads, presenting findings from a large-scale study conducted in the Czech Republic. This study provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of tree planting initiatives and informs future urban planning strategies aimed at maximizing the benefits of roadside trees. Students studying forestry, urban ecology, and related fields will find the book particularly useful as a comprehensive guide to understanding the intricacies of tree care and urban forest management. Also, researchers involved in developing innovative techniques for tree care and urban green infrastructure design can benefit greatly from the insights provided in this work.


SKU: 9788119523429
  • Author: Fran Zi

    ISBN: 9788119523429


    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2024

    Pages: 270

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