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The contributions of scientific management are indeed invaluable. The principles of Management as put forward by Henri Fayol and Peter Drucker are of tremendous value, Dennings principles too have contemporary relevance. In this regard the contribution of the 7-S approach is specially commendable. But the 7-S approach is to be aided by what lies beyond it, namely a proper faith in the Absolute Being and a life in accordance with it. The book makes an effort to look at the lives of two characters from the Holy Bible, namely Moses form the Old Testament and Jesus from the New Testament. Their principles and its relatedness to the seven S Approach of management is the focus of the study. What went beyond the Seven S model is the greatness of this approach. This was the beauty of the life of the two characters we have taken as examples from the Bible. This is what is proved by the wonderful success of the two leaders whose styles are explored here.. Seven-S approach is a valid approach, but there is need to go beyond and what lies beyond is faith.
This book titled Approaches to Management  examines the life of Moses and Jesus Christ in terms of the Seven S Approach. What is added to the approach is an element of faith in the Almighty.

Approaches to Management

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  • Elsy. P.A.
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