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Contents:? Introduction, Wetlands: An Overview, Kaliveli Wetland: A Typical Bulwark Against Drought, Assessing Land Use/Land Cover of Kaliveli Watershed Using Remote Sensing and GIS: Implications for Conservation, Soil Quality of Kaliveli and its Surroundings, Water Quality of Kaliveli Lake, Ground Water Quality of Kaliveli Lake and its Surroundings, Primary Productivity of Kaliveli: A Rare Estuarine Wetland of South Indian Peninsula, Macro Flora and the Plankton of Kaliveli, Fishes of the Kaliveli Lake, Avifauna of Kaliveli, In Parting?Overview.

Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in Environmental Management

SKU: 9788171419630
  • S.A. Abbasi
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