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In this era of modern scientific development many facts of animal life are still unsolved mysteries.
All the world over scientists are busy in investigating the part played by animals in our lives?their power for good or evil. The migration of birds and food fishes, the law of heredity, the control of insect pests and germ-carrying animals?all these and many others are still very largely wrapped in mysteries.
?Animal Mysteries? presents with a formidable array of these unsolved mysteries. The author has used his knowledge and research expertise to unravel these mysteries to a great advantage, in putting across a very subtle subject in easy way. Consequently this book is one of the best books of its kind.
This outstanding book will be of great interest to students of Zoology, researchers, and the scientists involved in unraveling these mysteries of animal life.

Animal Mysteries

SKU: 9788171412266
  • E. G. Boulenger
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