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The present title Animal Endocrinology provides a definitive and comprehensive review of all aspects relating to hormones in different animals including wild and democratic species. It discusses the intimate physiology of the endocrine system itself and describes the role of hormones in the processes of nutrition, osmoregulation, colour change, calcium metabolism and reproduction. Subject matter has been presented in a readable way emphasizing the differences between species from a functional aspects. It not only contains a wealth of information concerning the endocrinology of the various species but also contains more than enough basic information concerning the biosynthesis, metabolism and mode of action of the hormones for the book to be read and understood without referring to a text book of basic endocrinology. This book has been written primarily for use as a text book by under-graduate, as well as graduate students.

Animal Endocrinology

SKU: 9788183562720
  • Manju Yadav
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