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Contents: Vol. 1: History and Literature, Topographical Description of the External Parts of Fishes, Terminology and Topography of the Skeleton, Modifications of the Skeleton, Myology, Neurology, The Organs of Sense, The Organs of Nutrition and Digestion, Organs of Respiration, Organs of Circulation, Urinary Organs, Organs of Reproduction, Growth and Variation of Fishes, Domesticated and Acclimatised Fishes, etc., Distribution of Fishes in Time, The Distribution of Existing Fishes over the Earth?s Surface?General Remarks, The Distribution of Freshwater Fishes, The Fishes of the Brackish Water, The Distribution of Marine Fishes, Distribution of Pelagic Fishes, The Fishes of the Deep Sea. Vol. 2: Systematic and Descriptive Part.

An Introduction to the Study of Fishes (2 Vols. Set)

SKU: 9788171412105
  • A. Gunther
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