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The present title Amphibian Development is an important link between almost all biological sciences, and is assuming more and more importance in fields such as machine and agriculture. Molecular biology has began fulfilling its long anticipated role of linking genetics and embryology and many questions of embryology that had lain dormant for decades have been taken up with new molecular tools and strategies. While our knowledge of the molecular aspects of development has so drastically increased during this time, our applications of developmental phenomenon in evolution and ecology has also expanded. It is becoming impossible to study any area of biology without some background in developmental biology.
This title integrates the descriptive, experimental and biochemical approaches into a conceptual framework for the analysis of development. All important points are illustrated diagrammatically. It is a well balanced, completely accessible presentation of principles and application of embryology. In order to create a book which is written within the economy as well as the physical group of the student, only the main essentials of each topic have been presented. It does this with the aid of careful selected examples?some recent and other classic of the field and with numerous illustrations. The aim is to enthuse the reader with this active and exciting area of research and to lay a solid foundation on which further study of its various facts may be based.

Amphibian Development

SKU: 9788183562980
  • Manju Yadav
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