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HIV/AIDS is a new phenomenon in the human society. HIV destroys the immune system of human individuals, producing a defenselessness fatal state known as AIDS. WHO has estimated that already 1 in every 250 adults in the world is infected with HIV and according to its projections a total of 40 million men women and children worldwide will have been infected with HIV by the year 2000. Visualizing the devastating effects of the HIV/AIDS epidemic within our life times and beyond is difficult. Probably, no other disease in recent times has had the impact on human society generated by HIV/AIDS.
The HIV/AIDS epidemic has brought into focus many health related ethical, legal and human rights issues. The epidemic requires immediate and effective responses in new programming areas: attitudinal and behavioural changes, community-based care and support initiatives, and the maintenance of human development in the face of increasing rates of illness and death. At this juncture, education enters the scene as it can after the HIV/AIDS situation since it starts educating the blossoming buds of the human society.
This book presents the world-wide information about HIV/AIDS, reports and studies, and educational activities and programmes to keep the policy makers, planners, professionals, activists, researchers, educationists, teachers and students well informed of the epidemic.


SKU: 9788171415274
  • D.B. Rao
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