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Any one can swim along the stream, but only brave can dare to swim across the stream. We have heard of people of rustic background flocking to big cities to watch latest design superfast trains, subway, flyovers, sky-scrappers buildings and lot more. But what, if city people start visiting farming land in rural areas, the core concept of agricultural tourism. Some critics predicted say that the market of agricultural tourism would met its untimely death. But all proved wrong. The market of agricultural tourism is flourishing like never thought of before. Not to speak of western countries, even in India the agricultural tourism is showing good sign. This book will speak in details about agricultural tourism and its market potential in major countries including India. If you are interested in fairs, festivals, bullock-carts, village life and traditional lifestyle of farmers, then definitely this book is real gem for you.

Agriculture Tourism

SKU: 9788183568913
  • Jack Randall
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