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Description:- Adventure is the real flavour of life, and life will be dull, boring and stereotype sans adventure. It was the adventurous instinct of Vasco De Gama and Coloumbus that encourages these sailors to voyage new unseen lands of that time.Every person, to some extent, is adventurous by nature and in consequence we find many persons engaging in river-rafting, mountaineering, bungee jumping, paragliding and other adventureous sports. During weeknends, the younger generation want to chill out by taking part in adventure tourism. They are discarding old methods of recreation and always love to experiment with innovative ideas. This wave of thoughts is giving Bollywood and Hollywood stars to foray in adventureous sports and making news headlines by doing dare-devil stunts without the help of duplicates. This well-written book on adventure tourism is informative, entertaining and enticing.

Adventure Tourism

SKU: 9788183568920
  • Thomas Walsh

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