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Description:- For an effective and interesting classroom transaction the knowledge of educational psychology is essential for a teacher. As teaching being essentially an important process of communication, a teacher and a taught need to know each other well. But teaching is not an easy job. Therefore, certain prerequisite skills or psychological principles are necessary to know by a trained teacher in order to move in a more humanistic fashion in the classroom. But -to tell pupil-teacher via the printed pages how they might become better teachers is not only a difficult task and a challenge to some affairs but also need to know the latest developments in the concerned field. Thus the author in the present book has tried to present an up-to-date information with wide coverage of contents for the post graduate students of Education and Psychology as well as teachers, teacher-educators, guidance personnels and administrators of educational institutions. Keeping this in mind the text book is written in a lucid style with a hope that the concerned persons would derive benefits out of this

Advanced Educational Psychology

SKU: 9788171415007
  • B.N. Panda

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