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Description:- This book Differential Equation (For Post Graduate Students) has been specially written to meet the requirements of the B.A./B.Sc./I.A.S./P.C.S. and other competitions. This book contains fourteen chapters, Solution in Series, Picard�s Iteration Methods (Uniqueness and Existence Theorem), Partial Differential Equations First Order, Partial Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients, Partial Dirrerential Equations of Order Two, Monge�s Methods�s of Integration, Linear Partial Differential Equations, Singular Solution, Extract Differential Equations (Particular Forms), Numerical Integration, Wave, Heat, Laplace and Diffusion Equations, Boundary Value Problems, Linear Differential Equations (Matrix Method), Cobweb Phenomenon and Generating Functions. Each chapter of this book contains complete theory and a fairly large number of examples, sufficient problems have also been selected from various universities examination papers. We have tried our best to keep the book free from misprint. The author will be grateful to the reader who point out errors and omissions which inspite of all cave, might have been there.

Advanced Differential Equations

SKU: 9788171418268
  • A.K. Sharma

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