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Description:- The book on Advance Differential Calculus has been presented in such a way. That it is easily accessible to students almost every aspect of the subject. Change of independent variables. Maxima and Minima (Of function of a single independent variables). Maxima and Minima (Of function of two independent variable). Maxima and Minima (Of functions of several independent variable) envelopes and evolutes. Jacobians. Singular point. Curve tracing etc. is covered and illustrated by a large number of examples. Taking from examination paper of various universities. The present publications will serve as a useful guide not only to the under graduate and post graduate students of all Indian Universities but also for the candidate appearing at various competitive examinations like I.A.S and P.C.S.

Advanced Differential Calculus

SKU: 9788171418626
  • A.K. Sharma

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